Be Saturated is an inclusive community of contemporary workers who are creating their good life in our global, social, and digital times.

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Our founder’s story: Michele Benton, Ph.D.

As a full-time business executive, wife, mother, daughter, and community member, I share the challenges of so many of my global colleagues in navigating a good life today. Our socially saturated world impacts family life, for sure, but it also gets in the way of my clients creating meaningful strategies and plans at work. Leadership and other corporate training programs may acknowledge work-life issues, but rarely do they help us deal with the challenges of saturation in a practical way.

Frustrated that I couldn’t figure out the good life thing on my own or along with my network of other executives, I recently completed Masters and Doctorate graduate research on the topic. I wanted to go beyond identifying the problems executives face, lamenting the sorry state of employer, women, and family policy, and proclaiming the need for new theoretical frameworks. Instead, I sought the practical in order to provide executives like me with something we can actually do as we interact with others in our lives.

The purpose of Be Saturated is to share research, insights, and tips so together, we can make work life better. My experience allows me to serve as a coach and guide. The learning development assets through my company, lime LLC, can help with crafting tools and resources. But we need YOU–your questions, ideas, perspectives, and connections.

Come, be saturated.